Email scammers target drivers with fake traffic ticket

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Independence police are warning people about an email scam targeting drivers with phony traffic tickets.

Police received at least five calls from people who got the suspicious email. The message is sent from a email account and it claims that the recipient committed a traffic violation, and there are attached instructions on how to appeal the violation.

But police warn people not to click on the attachment. It's being flagged by computers as malware.

The Independence Police Department does not have red light cameras, and it does not send emails to people regarding traffic violations.

"This isn't one of those situations where they're overtly wanting some kind of money; it wasn't one of those scams. It appears that it's some sort of virus or malware, maybe a Trojan Horse, where you click on it and the virus downloads onto your computer. And the fear there would be that they could access important information, sensitive information, maybe personal files,"John Syme with the Independence Police Dept. said.

If you are caught in a traffic violation, Independence police will simply pull you over and hand deliver the ticket.

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