Kansas Senate to decide whether chiropractors should be allowed to clear athletes after concussion

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Chiropractors could soon sign off on student athletes returning to the playing field after a concussion. The legislation is set to move forward to the Kansas Senate Tuesday.

Currently chiropractors can pull athletes off the field because of an injury, but they cannot allow them to return.

Those in favor of the bill say this is the next natural step in their role. They say this would help families living in rural areas who sometimes need to drive further to larger cities to get approval to return to the field.

But other lawmakers say clearing a player to return is a dangerous decision and can lead to life-altering brain injuries if not done correctly.

The legislation has the support of the Kansas Chiropractic Association but is opposed by the Kansas Medical Society.

Concussion concerns have already led to some major rule changes to improve player safety. This debate on whether chiropractors have enough experience to make those decisions now heads to the state senate, after passing in the house 73

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