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Problem Solvers updates on a low-hanging railroad bridge, tent compound in Linn Valley

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- If you live near 107th street and Blue Ridge Boulevard in Kansas City, you've no doubt heard the noise.

It's all to solve a problem that's had neighbors worried for years. Their concerns are over a low-hanging railroad bridge that they say keeps getting hit by trucks.

Neighbor Bobby Schofield told FOX 4 he worried the bridge will one day come crashing down along with any train crossing over it. After FOX 4 Problem Solvers ran a story about the bridge, the city and railroad officials met to discuss additional safety measures.

The result? The city added extra signs warning drivers of the 11 x 7 clearance, which is lower than most bridges. The railroad, which owns the bridge, installed bright yellow and red sheet metal to make it hard for drivers to miss. The street was closed last week for the changes.

But if you think all this has made Mr. Schofield happy, you'd be mistaken.

"They are still going to hit it," he said. "They will just hit the steel now instead of the cement."

Remember that Linn Valley, Kansas couple who lived in a compound of tents year round to the chagrin of city officials?

The couple called FOX 4 Problem Solvers for help when the city tried to force them to move out. Tent dweller Liz Smith gave us a personal tour of the four tents she called home. But the city wouldn't budge, saying the couple were clearly in violation local ordinances.

If there was any doubt about that, after our story aired Linn Valley officials passed a new ordinance limiting camping to 60 days. That forced the Smiths to either build a house or move.

They moved.

The last time we heard from them they were living in a state far from Kansas and say they have never been happier.

Problem solved.

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