Trooper has close call when semi sideswipes cruiser

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There are plenty of drivers who don’t slow down or move over when passing by cars on the side of the highway even though in Missouri, it’s the law. It can be dangerous and deadly.

In a video from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, you’ll see the trooper walk back to his car and get in. The silver car in front takes off and then a semi truck flies by, grazing the shoulder and sideswiping the trooper’s car.

“We’ve had four troopers killed in the line of duty because people have not moved over as a result,” said Sgt. Bill Lowe of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

The trooper was not injured, but he could’ve been killed if he was still standing on the shoulder of Interstate 70. All of this can be prevented by slowing down or moving over.

“It’s frustrating in that it’s an easy thing to do. You’re doing a courteous thing by moving over. Somebody is broken down on the side of the road. You don’t know when they’re going to get out of their vehicle,” Lowe said.

There are pictures of another crash that happened early Tuesday involving a MoDOT worker. A driver clipped the ER truck and smashed right into the white car. There were no injuries in this case, but when drivers don’t move over when there’s an accident, people are more likely to die.

“One is far too many. It’s happened before. We are aware of it and we don’t like it,” said Marcus Slaughter, the MoDOT Incident Management Coordinator.

Just this year, there have already been 9 incidents where a driver has struck a MoDoT vehicle. All of these accidents could’ve been prevented if only drivers were more attentive.

Since 1932, 131 MoDOT workers have been killed in the line of duty.

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