Church’s Chicken employees unamused with teens who targeted store with BB guns

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Teenagers wielding BB guns target a metro fast food restaurant by shooting out the drive-thru window and forcing the employees to take cover.

The crime was caught on camera during the dinner rush at Church's Chicken on South Blue Ridge Boulevard Tuesday evening.

“Next thing I know, the cashier… was just backing up,” recalled Assistant Manager Kisha Crawford, “and I look at her and I go 'What the hell?'”

For a moment, Crawford said they thought real bullets were flying when the window shattered.

“Oh my God, that girl was scared,” she said of the cashier. “I didn’t know if the girl was going to cry or take off running or what.”

But a closer look at the window revealed BB pellets were responsible for the damage. Surveillance video also showed who shot them: three teenage boys, wearing hoodies who were pulling what they must've thought was a funny prank.

“Wasn`t nothing funny about it,” Crawford said. “It`s really not going to be funny when they put the face with the picture!”

Sure, no one was hurt, but Crawford said with the teens toting a BB gun around town, someone very well could've been.

“I feel like, for real, what if an officer was riding by, and he don`t know it`s a BB gun, just like we didn`t know it was a BB gun?” she said. “What if he would`ve seen you with that and he’d of shot you. See what I’m saying?”

She's now worried where those boys' lives are headed.

“They`ll turn into the ones that are actually walking around here with the guns, that`s what`s going to happen,” she predicted.

But she hopes instead their parents recognize them on the news and help put them back on the right track.

“They just need a good whooping, plain and simple,” Crawford said of the teens.

“Bring the belts back in, pull it to the side a little bit, and let the parents go ahead and beat the mess out of them for stuff that they do. Not child abuse, but go on and whoop them with a good, thick belt, and then them kids will be in line!

Crawford said the majority of kids who come into her restaurant are kind and respectful, and she would like to see these three teens apologize for what they did.

If you recognize them, call Crime Stoppers at (816) 474-TIPS.

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