FOX 4 takes you underneath Kelly’s Westport Inn and into the historical basement

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As Black History Month continues, FOX 4 is taking you behind the scenes of the some of the Kansas City locations that had an impact on African-Americans.

Slaves were auctioned on land behind McCoy's until the practice was ended by the community. Watch the video above for a rare look into the basement of Kelly's Westport Inn, where slaves stayed before they were sold at auction.

FOX 4 takes you inside Hattie Drisdom's bedroom inside the Harris-Kearney House. She was sold into slavery when she was 9-years old. Charles Kearney bought her for $1,300. He expanded his house in 1871, shortly after he bought her, and he gave her the bedroom. A couple of years after, Charles gave her her freedom, but she decided to stay. She worked for him until she died.

Watch the video above to see what Westport looked like before it was developed into what the people of Kansas City see today.

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