Kansas lawmakers want to raise vehicle registration fees, use money to hire 75 state troopers

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MISSION, Kan. -- Kansas residents may soon have to pay more to register their car with the state because lawmakers want to raise the cost to hire more state troopers.

Lawmakers say they will use the additional revenue from the increased registration costs to hire an additional 75 state troopers.

The Patrol has lost dozens of troopers over the past decade and now a third of all the counties in Kansas don’t even have a trooper assigned to them and the lack of law enforcement in rural counties is concerning to lawmakers, which is why they are supporting this measure.

One Tuesday the Senate passed a measure to raise Car Registration Fees by $3.25.  Two dollars of that fee would go towards the cost of hiring 75 new troopers.
The remaining $1.25 would go to the Law Enforcement Training Center in Hutchinson.

Vehicle registration fee hike

Vehicle registration fee hike

Kansas residents will now pay between $38.25 and $48.25, depending on the size of your car, to register their vehicle instead of paying somewhere between $35 and $45.

Critics think lawmakers should use the general fund to pay for more troopers – not raise registration fees. The bill is now heading to the House for consideration.

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