Odessa dad makes special delivery when baby arrives ahead of schedule

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- It's a birth one family from the metro will never forget. A family from Odessa has planned to deliver their baby at a hospital, but the baby had other plans, arriving at an unexpected site for the blessed event.

The fourth baby might be the most memorable for John and Carolyn Quinn. It was early Thursday morning, just past midnight, when the couple set out for a hospital in Independence, but they didn't make it very far before the baby decided it was time.

The Quinns live about three blocks from a Valero gas station on Second Street. John was at the wheel, when Carolyn told him they weren't going to make it to the hospital. That’s what prompted John to pull the car over.

“She was at home taking a bath and her water broke. We couldn't make it to the hospital. I had to pull over at the gas station and before the cops could get there, the head was already out,” John Quinn said.

During their short drive, the Quinns called 911 for help. John says he chose this parking lot because it's right across the street from an fire-and-rescue dispatch center.

“I think it was the head coming out,” Quinn said. “It was really pushing down on her. She said, 'I have to push.' I told her, 'Keep it in there.'

John Quinn says he was scared to death, since this is the first baby he's ever delivered.

“Once you heard the baby cry, you know everything's okay,” Quinn said.

He wasn't alone in his anxieties.

“It was pretty scary. I was not prepared for that at all,” Carolyn Quinn said. “None of them had a clue what to do. None of them.”

The Quinns had actually been to Centerpoint Medical Center earlier in the evening, but they were sent home, since the baby wasn't ready at that moment.

“Anything could have happened, but luckily, everything went good and the baby was healthy,” John Quinn said. “It's a helluva story. A heckuva story.”

In time, this could happen to the Quinns again. They told FOX 4 News all four of their children so far are girls, and John Quinn said he's still hopeful to have a son.

FOX 4 News also spoke with an attendant at that Valero station in Odessa, who hadn't heard about the parking lot birth. The convenience store closes at 10 p.m. -- two hours before the Quinn baby arrived.

By the way, the Quinns have yet to name their new daughter. They say they’re leaning toward the name Brianna.

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