Organ donor still touching lives two years after passing

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro woman who was killed in an accident two years ago is still touching lives. Family said because 25-year-old Amanda Wilson was an organ donor, she has impacted 250 lives since she died.

Wilson’s organs, tissue and bone marrow were all donated to people who needed them and to science.

“It’s so soothing to know that she does live on in so many other people,” said Michelle Wilson, Amanda’s mom.

On Sunday, Wilson’s family got to meet the recipient of her liver transplant.

“I owe my life to her, so I owe her everything,” said Dan Morgan, who has a genetic disease called Wilson's Disease.

Morgan was on a transplant wait list for several years when he got the call that changed everything.

“I turned to one of my co-workers and said, I got the call,” Morgan said.

Margie Comer, Wilson’s sister, said meeting the people whose lives were touched by her sister warms her heart.

“I never knew how impacting it really was,” she told FOX 4. “Be safe, accidents happen, tell your family that you love them because you never know how it’s going to be the last time that you see them.”

Wilson’s family and Morgan all wear bracelets that have the words “donate life” engraved on them. They encourage everybody to consider being an organ donor. To learn more about becoming an organ donor visit