5 apps to spy on kids’ Internet usage without them knowing

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Parents are always looking for ways to keep their kids safe online. Tech-expert Burton Kelso shared five apps that will help you track your child's online activities and not let them know about it.

  1. mSpy. mSpy is a comprehensive monitoring app that will track activity on computers, smartphone and tablets. mSpy`s main selling point is that you can monitor multiple things. Who your kids call, what they text, which apps they use, the number of contacts, GPS location, etc. Available for Apple, Windows, iOS and Android.
  1. TeenSafe is an app that boast that it was 'designed for parents by parents. It's another jack of all trades spying app, keeping track of your kids online activities and social media accounts. The bonus of TeenSafe is the resources they provide online designed to keep your kids safe online. Available for iOS and Android devices.
  1. Flexispy. This spying app that was designed to spy on employees and suspected cheating spouses. It has taken on a new life as an app designed to keep track of your kids online activities. It can keep track of phone calls, web sites visited and text messages, but it does not have the ability to keep track of individual social media accounts.
  1. TeenShield. Allows you log in anywhere to checkup on your child. You can look at call information, text messages and photos. You can even look at phone photos.
  1. MamaBear. This app is designed for high school teens. It offers smartphone and tablet spying and keep track of your teens activity on many social media sites. The bonus of MamaBear is parents can track your teens location and the speed of the vehicle your teen is traveling in. Available for Android and iOS devices.
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