Days of cheap gas could be coming to an end as prices are expected to rise

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PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. -- Drivers can expect to see some sticker shock at the gas pump Tuesday.

Prices overnight have risen as much as 20-cents a gallon – and experts believe the days of cheap gas could be coming to an end.

The gas station off Mission Road and Somerset is charging $1.83 a gallon – one of the highest gas prices in the metro.

Brent Thome, Prairie Village Resident

"I'm not too happy about it, obviously," Prairie Village resident Brent Thome said. "Back in the day when it cost $20 to fill up the whole car it was cool, but the last couple of years it's gone up to $40 or something like that, I think it's ridiculous, I don't even want to drive anymore. I'd rather go walk around or think about getting a bicycle or something like that."

According to, Kansas has seen one of the highest spikes in overall gas prices over the past week, and energy officials believe this eight-month streak of low gas prices is over.

"It's just frustrating," Thome said. "I'd prefer to have some kind of justification for it or at least a bit more transparency from the government or whoever is making those decisions, I think that would help people like myself understand why this is happening."

Gas prices had been falling since September because of a glut of oil supplies in the U.S., but now many oil refineries are preparing to close for maintenance – and in the next two months they will all switch over to the more expensive summer blend.


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