SUV plunges into hole in KC street, injuring one

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- City crews returned to the scene of an open hole in the middle of a KC street at 25th and Brooklyn on Tuesday night.

People who live in the area say crews left the hole uncovered when they went home for the day.

FOX 4 heard from a neighbor who said that crews had the area taped off, but a driver who didn`t want to turn around got out of her car and took the tape down.

We`re told a different woman driving an SUV that ended up in the hole possibly broke her nose and went to the hospital. The passenger, Howard Crittenden, said it was too dark for her to see the hole.

Aside from the tape, he says more should have been done to keep drivers from ending up in it.

“They should have blocked the street off, put a metal plate over the hole. It shouldn’t have been open for the public to drive through,” Crittenden said.

A water services spokesperson will only say the city showed up to tape off the scene at about 4 p.m. Witnesses told FOX 4 that it was already dark when the driver of the SUV ended up in the hole.

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