Fellow riders rally around KCPD motorcycle cop as she recovers from on-duty crash

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City motorcycle cop is still recovering, one week after she crashed on-duty while chasing down a speeding car.

Crash investigators said KCPD Officer Karen Jenkins was patrolling the streets near 63rd and Jackson last Friday, when she saw a speeder and tried to stop them.

However, as she worked to catch up, her motorcycle’s tire collided with the curb and she lost control.

Jenkins was listed in serious condition in the hospital at last check, but friends told FOX 4 she was expected to move to a rehabilitation center sometime Friday night.

“Karen is one of those people that you would know that she would put her life out for you, and she would give up her life for you,” said close friend Tammy Edgmon. “It just really upsets me that somebody had put her in that situation where we almost did lose her.”

Edgmon is also the chapter manager for the Greater Kansas City Harley Owners Group (GKCHOG), which Jenkins joined more than a decade ago.

KCPD Traffic Officer Karen Jenkins is recovering following an on-duty crash where she suffered serious injuries.

KCPD Traffic Officer Karen Jenkins is recovering following an on-duty crash where she suffered serious injuries.

“She stands out, partly because of what a hardcore rider she is if you really get to know her,” said Chad Schmidt, director of GKCHOG. “I mean, there is no fear at all.”

In fact, Jenkins’ name hangs on the walls inside the Blue Springs’ Harley-Davidson shop for being one of the top women riders racking up the most miles.

“Karen Jenkins has been number 1 for several years: 2011, 2013, 2014,” Edgmon said as she pointed to the plaque.

Jenkins also just bought a brand new motorcycle, but her first ride on it will have to wait following her crash.

“It almost sucked the air right of me when I found out that Karen was in a motorcycle accident,” Edgmon said. “You just want to stop… your heart just stops.”

But thankfully, Jenkins is still here, and is finally on the path to recovery.

“We just wish her well,” Edgmon said. “We send her prayers and hope that she’s up there, riding that motorcycle as soon as possible.”

If you’d like to help Karen Jenkins and her family, you’re asked to email Tammy Edgmon at tammy@bshd.org or call the Blue Springs Harley-Davidson at (816) 224-5005.