Kansas Caucus locations

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ROELAND PARK, Kan. -- Kansas voters will be able to choose their favorite presidential candidate Saturday, March 5, when Republicans and Democrats both caucus.

But turnout is expected to be low – in part because of confusion on what a caucus actually is.

Republican caucus: 

In every other county, Republicans will caucus in just one location.

There are 40 delegates at stake.

Voters can show up at any caucus location Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to cast their vote.

There will be people there giving speeches and stumping for their favorite candidates, but voters don’t have to stick around for any of that. Voters can just cast their ballot, which is private, and then be on their way.

Democratic caucus:

For Democrats, the process is completely different.

There are 11 sites throughout Johnson and Wyandotte County where voters can caucus.

Democrats need to be in line by 3 p.m., and the caucus begins at 3:30 p.m.

There are no ballots – voters simply stand in groups depending on whether you support Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, the groups are counted, and like the Republicans, each candidate is awarded a share of 37 delegates based on how many people support them.



While Kansas doesn’t have a whole lot of delegates to give out, this is still a very important race as no candidate in either race has yet gained enough support to win their party’s nomination.


Below are links to both Democratic and Republican caucus locations.

Republican: http://www.ksgop.org/#!caucus-locations/vopsn
Democratic: http://www.ksdp.org/where-to-caucus/