Man desperate to get rid of chronic hiccups he’s had for nearly 10 days

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A Marine veteran came down with a case of the hiccups on February 24, and every few seconds since, he's suffered from the involuntary spasms.

KFOR reports that Ronn Powell has tried a variety of home remedies, but nothing has given him anything more than fleeting relief. Powell says he hasn't eaten or slept in days.

"You get short-tempered, short-natured. You don't even want to be around people," Powell told KFOR.

In addition to drinking cold water, sucking lemons, and putting sugar under his tongue, Powell and his fiance have enlisted the help of specialists to no avail. Nobody they've seen has been able to diagnose the problem.

"I would really appreciate any help to get rid of these, because I can't stand this. Aggravating, frustrating; I can't complete a sentence," Powell said.