Prospective troopers get put to the test by Missouri Highway Patrol

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Do you think you have what it takes to be a part of the Missouri State Highway Patrol? The law enforcement agency is testing for new troopers.

“Usually we have about 20 to 30 applicants per test site,” said Corporal David Miranda, with the Missouri State Highway Patrol. “We usually lose about 33 to 35 troopers through retirement a year, so we always want to keep fresh recruits and new troopers out on the roads.”

Friday was the written test and Fitness for Duty assessment --- and for the first time -- it was held at the University of Central Missouri.

“The written test is comprised of five areas, it`s reading comprehension, spelling, personality characteristics, there`s some math involved, and some problem solving questions as well,” added Miranda. “The Fitness for Duty assessment is comprised of five events, we`ll start out with one minute push-ups, one minute sit-ups, 300 meter sprint, a mile-and-a-half run, and a trigger pull demonstration.”

The law enforcement agency does testing twice a year -- and those trying to make the cut say they've been getting in shape.

“I’ve been preparing for the physical test for a little bit now, I have a little competition inside the house, I guess you could say, with my father,” said Chase Drenon, who just got out of the Marine Corps.

His dad is also a sergeant -- so he says he's been around this type of thing his whole life.

“I`ve had high hopes for becoming a state trooper, and I’ve always admired all the state troopers,” Drenon added.

The only female applicant today, Jocelyn Merritt , says she wants the opportunity to help and protect people, but being a woman in a predominately male field isn`t always easy, but it just pushes her more.

“Sometimes it makes me feel a little bit more nervous, like I’ve got more to compete up against,” says Merritt, “You don`t want to have a law enforcement that`s made up of only men, because they`re not going to be able to approach everyone.”

The Missouri State Highway Patrol will be testing two more times in the Kansas City area, March 9th and 19th at Troop A headquarters in Lee’s Summit.

If you're interested in applying, you can find more information here: Click for the minimum score chart for each event

Interested persons can find out more about the qualifications by contacting a Patrol recruiter at telephone number 1-800-796-7000, or find more information at this link.