Quick wits, TV show tips help man free group trapped in Arrowhead Stadium elevator

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Twenty people were crammed into an elevator when it came to a sudden stop. The group was stuck on third floor at Arrowhead Stadium.  After calling for help several times, “people started giving up hope that someone was really on their way.” That’s what John Sharp remembered.

Members of Schloegel Design Remodel, Inc. were touring the stadium during an expo, but their trip was cut short. After 30 minutes of waiting for someone to rescue the crew, Sharp remembered a TV show he watched with his 7-year-old son about surviving disaster.

“I climbed across the elevator where the door to the floor above us was. I banged on that door, no one answered,” he said.

Down below, Ted Kincaid took pictures to later show how the group survived. He says it was getting to the point where anxiety was taking over.

“Had we been in there any longer, it wouldn’t have been so pleasant,” Kincaid said.

Sharp eventually figured out the pulley system that opened the elevator doors. People had to step up to get out. Those stuck in that confined space thanked Sharp for the rescue, but Sharp says his quick thinking wouldn’t have been possible without his son.

“I’m glad that I got to share that with him, that show we watched that he remembers ultimately got us all out of that situation,” said Sharp.