“Zootopia’s” lead animator said he wanted the film to be something parents enjoy, too

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Lead animator behind “Zootopia,” Matthias Lechner, visited Johnson County Community College and the Kansas City Art Institute on Thursday to give students a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what it's like to create and produce an animated feature.

Lechner joined Disney in 2012 and worked on "Zootopia" for the past four years.

“It starts with a small team, five people, two weeks to come up with a design, long process until the last day,” Lechner said.

“Zootopia,” features a place where all animals live together. A rabbit, cop, and fox team up in the all-animal society.

The film has already been a massive hit with critics, and could open with $70-million, which would beat 'Frozen.'

Lechner has a 10-year-old daughter and said he realized if parents have to watch a kids' movie multiple times, it better be fun for them, also.