Kindergarten teacher fired for allegedly drinking on the job

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TACOMA, Wash.– A kindergarten teacher in Washington State has been fired for allegedly drinking on the job, according to KCPQ.

KCPQ reports that parents of students at Larchmont Elementary School in Tacoma are outraged after they found out the district fired kindergarten teacher Klara Bowman for being intoxicated in her classroom.

Tacoma School District officials say one of Bowman`s kindergarten students went to the main office to report the incident on Feb. 19.

KCPQ reports that the assistant principal went to the class and Bowman was taken out of the classroom where she allegedly walked into a wall and had alcohol in a beverage container in the classroom.  Bowman was then escorted off campus.

Angela Hadway told KCPQ  her daughter was in Bowman`s class several years ago.

“It makes me angry and scared,” Hadway told KCPQ. “It makes me scared knowing that may child may leave one day, and they won’t even notice.”

District officials say Bowman has worked for the Tacoma District since 2008, and had a prior alcohol offense in February 2011 while she was a teacher at Grant Elementary School. KCPQ reports that Bowman signed a last chance agreement after that incident.

KCPQ adds that last Wednesday, the principal sent a letter home to parents of Bowman`s students. It read in part: ‘As most of you know, Ms. Bowman has been away from the classroom for the past week. This letter is to let you know that Ms. Bowman will be out for the remainder of the school year.’ the letter did not explain why Bowman was no longer teaching.

“I think when it comes to this, they should have explained,” Parent Jeni Brown told KCPQ. “That’s a huge liability. You would expect any other profession to explain hey we had this incident happen.”

Brown adds that she also thinks the letter should have gone out to all parents.

“She could be out there supervising recess, she could be anything,” Brown told KCPQ. “And to just let the parents of the kindergartners to know?”

The school district’s attorney told the News Tribune Newspaper that Bowman is appealing the decision.

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