MoDOT’s pothole patrol will repair roads within 24 hours of request

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Missouri Department of Transportation launched its pothole patrol today, but they need the public's help.

With 34,000 miles of roads to maintain, the department can't be everywhere at once. From now until the end of March, MoDOT is asking drivers to report any potholes they see on the roads. Their mission is to repair potholes within 24 hours of a request.

Nationwide, potholes cause more than $6 billion worth of damages to vehicles every year, which is about $2,000 for every driver over the life of a car.

"It's a mild winter, so hopefully we should see less potholes because those are formed from freeze/thaw cycles. So we theoretically had less freeze/thaw cycles," said Griffin Smith with MoDOT, adding, "I would encourage everybody if they see us out there to move over or slow down so that we can get potholes fixed in a timely manner and be out of the way."

Just let MoDOT know where you are, which direction you're driving, and what lane the pothole is in.

You can call the 24-hour customer service center at 1-888-275-6636 to report a pothole. You can also fill out the online form, (or the mobile form here), or email the department at

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