Joe’s Weather Blog: A little more rain…more cold ahead (THU-3/10)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Spring weather continues to rage through the region as this afternoon  is truly spectacular with temperatures well into the 60s and even approaching 70° in some cases…just WOW!


Tonight: Fair skies and cool with lows around 40°

Friday: Mostly sunny with increasing PM clouds. Warm with highs well into the 60s again

Saturday: The chance of some rain increases Friday night into Saturday morning. It won’t be a lot (odds favor under 1/4″) and some may not get much at all…but at least the shower risk will be there early in the morning. Assuming things go according to plan though we should be OK for Snake Saturday with a decreasing shower chance by parade time. It’s something to watch though…highs again well into the 60s potentially.

Sunday: Scattered showers possible, and mild with highs into the 60s


I wanted to thank those of you who were kind enough to read my thoughts on Monday’s blog concerning the potential “overuse” of severe thunderstorm warnings. If you haven’t read it yet…click on the the blog highlight above to take a look. I continue to get feedback from various entities (mostly positive) and will be talking about this farther down the road a bit.

Today’s satellite picture shows the haves and the have nots when it comes to nice weather…here in KC…we’re in the “have” situation while areas well southeast of KC…not so much

Heavy rain has been an issue down towards the southern part of the country…in excess of 15″ in parts of LA with some nasty flooding going on.

Take a look at the rain just today…


Now take a look a the last 7 days…


Wet…with plenty of flooding as mentioned…Monroe, LA has had close to 21″ of rain in the last few days!

With all the warmth so far through the Plains, temperatures are well above average…

Here in KC we’re 11.3° above average through yesterday and today may add a bit more…as will Friday…incredible.

Things are blooming and you may think that we’re done with cold weather…you would be wrong. I’m expecting chillier temperatures to move into the region later next week and they may hang around for a few days. There will certainly be more days with lows in the 20s I think, so if nothing else…there are some freezes ahead…so just be aware of the potential if you’re a gardener.

That’s it for today….there may not be a blog tomorrow because of a tight schedule…if I can get something together it will be before 11AM though…



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