Smartphones will make MLB debut in dugouts as part of ‘Snapchat Day’

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Salvador Perez is known for his Instagram antics. He turned to Instagram last week to show off his new "World Series Champs" and “MVP” ink.

On Friday he'll have to check out Snapchat because it's Snapchat Day at Spring Training. Players will use it to take fans into the dugout and onto the field, and they’ll be using a tool made in Johnson County.

The “Snapbat” is the latest creation to come out of the lab at Dimensional Innovations, and you’ll see a lot of your favorite players using the invention at Spring Training to take a Snapchat.

The event marks the first time that Major League Baseball players will be allowed to use smartphones during games.

The process is pretty simple. Players from each team will get to connect their smartphones to a small bat, and use a button on the bottom to take a picture or video to upload to Snapchat.

Fans will then watch the full Snapchat story of warmups, selfies in the dugout, big plays or just players goofing off.

“They see it as another way for players to be able to connect with fans in a more personal way, and kind of give everyone a behind the scenes look at what’s going on in the dugouts and throughout the games,” said Innovations Designer Brandon Wood.

The Snapchat roll out will happen at Spring Training locations across Arizona and Florida, and will make future appearances across the country at opening days, the All-Star Game and post-season games.

If you want a Snapbat, you might have to wait, but the company is talking about plans to mass produce them, and FOX 4 will keep you in the loop.