KC braces for busy Saturday with rallies by Trump, Cruz; Big 12 Championship

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Donald Trump is set to hold a rally on Saturday at The Midland in downtown Kansas City. Thousands of people are already expected to be in the downtown area for The Big 12, so the rally will make for an even busier weekend.

Mayor Sly James took to twitter on Friday night to ask people to remain peaceful, after Trump's rally in Chicago had to be cancelled amid safety concerns.

"Advice is to avoid conflict. If you are concerned, don't go, if you do, don't engage, act like Kansas Citians," the mayor tweeted.

Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forte has tweeted that at least two arrests have been made, one for a woman reportedly throwing a glass bottle.

At Trump's rally in St. Louis police were forced to break up fights between supporters and protesters. Police arrested 32 people and 31 of them are facing charges of disturbing the peace. One protester is charged with third degree assault.

Security expert and former FBI Agent Michael Tabman told FOX 4 police will be ready to make a show of force if anything gets out of control on Saturday.

"The potential for violence is always there and they have to be ready to handle it, but they also want to send a message that if you engage in violence they are ready to take action quickly," he said.

People on social media started talking about their plans to protest Trump's rally in Kansas City.

"So, Trump is supposed to be in Kansas City tomorrow and I will definitely be protesting," one person tweeted.

A Facebook event called "Trump Out of KC!" has already been planned to protest Trump's arrival. As of 2 p.m. Saturday, the event has nearly 800 people listed as attending, and another 1,200 interested.


Trump's closest GOP rival, Ted Cruz, will also be making a stop in KC on Saturday.

Cruz recently won the Kansas Republican caucuses and looks to add Missouri to his list of wins ahead of Tuesday's primary.

Police said they will have a strong presence downtown all weekend long.