Speaking in Kansas City, President Clinton describes Hillary’s plans for the country

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Former President Bill Clinton told a crowd Friday why Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's plans are better than Bernie Sanders' plans.  Mr. Clinton visited the Carpenters Union Training Facility, 8955 E. 38th Terrace on Friday. The former president was scheduled to visit Tuesday, but the campaign said weather prevented him from flying to Kansas City then.

He addressed a number of the programs recently discussed in the debate between Sanders and Clinton: Student loan repayment program to help so-called 'Millennials', programs for rural America, programs to help treatment of mental health and the rising addition to prescription drugs and heroin, and the rising unemployment among young people.

"From the time she came to Washington as First Lady through her career as a Senator through her career as Secretary of State, every significant decision and change she made, she got some Republican support for her, often when they didn't believe they'd do it," Clinton said.

President Clinton also visited Springfield to campaign for Hillary ahead of the March 15 primary.