Protesters speak out on police tactics at Trump rally

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A protest turned to chaos as dozens were pepper sprayed by the Kansas City police department. Hundreds flocked to downtown Kansas City Saturday night to protest Donald Trump.

He was at the Midland Theatre for a rally, but the protest turned tense fast and police took action against a few they said caused trouble.

“It felt like my eyes were on fire. You couldn't really breathe.”

Shawn Meyer described the scene as pure chaos. Adults and children screaming, gasping for air as the crowd is sprayed with pepper spray.

“Everybody was getting hit in the face, everybody was trying to clean off their eyes,” Meyer said.

Meyer went to the Donald Trump protest with peaceful intent. He joined in crowds that chanted “shut it down,” a message he said wasn’t understood.

“When we were saying shut it down we weren't talking about the rally, we were talking about the hate speech, the negative comments towards minority groups, towards us all. We've come so far as a country, we've come too far to go back now.”

But he quickly noticed, not everyone had the same goal.

“The police had some right to be nervous and make people get back but the intensity of their attack was a little overboard,” Meyer said.

Video surveillance released by the Kansas City police department shows an aerial view. Chief Darryl Forte describes a group of protesters that kept pushing towards the street. The chief said officers warned the protesters to get back and that pepper spray would be deployed. Forte said when they wouldn’t listen, their warning became reality.

Tensions weren’t much different inside Donald Trump’s rally, as people who posed as supporters, some going as far as wearing Trump gear, stood up with signs calling Trump a racist.

It was an experience Meyer and many others said they’ll never forget, and while the pepper spray still stings, protesters said their goal was met.

“The pain went away, but the message was there.”

In all, four people were arrested in Saturday night’s rally. No one was seriously hurt.

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