Fans cheer on Jayhawks in 73-61 win over UConn

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas Jayhawks managed to take down UConn with a 73-61 win to reach the Sweet 16. It's the school's first trip to the Sweet 16 since 2013, and fans in downtown KC were celebrating.

It's safe to say that these KU students are having a great Spring Break between a break from classes and a big win for their boys on the court.

The Jayhawks will head to Louisville, Ken. for their next match-up on Thursday. Things are looking up for one KU student, who said she really wants to see her school take home a national championship before she graduates.

"We won like 12 straight, so that was awesome to watch, but I'm hoping they'll pull out a win because I want to be a student when they win like the Final Four," Autumn Rodriguez said.

KU won its last national title in 2008.

FOX 4's Al Wallace was live in Des Moines with reactions from the team.