Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines headline Greater KC Home Show

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Designers Chip and Joanna Gaines rocketed to HGTV fame with their show Fixer Upper. This weekend, they are drawing huge crowds at the Greater Kansas City Home Show. In the course of three short years, the phenoms shot from relative obscurity to designer rock-star status. and they have a huge KC following.

"I think a year ago that light bulb clicked. People are really connecting with this, and its honestly unbelievable to be a part of," Chip Gaines said.

"It feels like its not us. It feels like an out of body experience," Joanna said, finishing Chip's thought.

The Gaines are in from Waco, Texas. This fall, they expanded their Magnolia retail store into a couple renovated grain silos. Their first book comes out later this year. The Gaines said they turned down offers to appear at Home Shows around the country, but they wanted to come to Kansas City.

"Somebody on Twitter asked, 'Where would you live if it weren't Waco?' and I immediately said, Kansas City. I meant it. I love Kansas City," Chip said.

Joanna chimed in saying, "There are so many characteristics here that remind you of a big city but also it feels small town. Its really quaint."

The Gaines are excited to be releasing a new line of furniture.

"In October, we launched the first of the pieces we designed. Now we have a second run in April. It's Magnolia Home Furnishings, and I think that it is one of my favorite things I've done so far," said Joanna.

Amidst their frenzied ride to DIY fame, they said their family and their faith has kept them grounded.

"We really believe that God has called us to a time as this to promote family and kids and love and things that are important to us. We are honored to be in this place at this time in our country," Chip explained.

And while they were here, Chip made a pretty big predication.

"I would like to announce that our first retail location will be in Kansas City. It would be a retail Magnolia Homes location."

But with a booming business in Waco, four small children, a hit TV show, a book to promote and a new furniture line, the Gaines said that might not happen for a few years.

The Gaines are on stage at the Greater Kansas City Home Show on Sunday at noon. Their furniture will be available this summer at Restoration Emporium in the West Bottoms.