‘Maybe you weren’t educated properly,’ Veteran TV host slammed by 10-year-old guest

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LONDON — A veteran BBC broadcaster was left red-faced during a broadcast on children’s channel CBBC when his 10-year-old guest took him to task in a debate on the nation’s soon-to-be-implemented sugar tax.

Andrew Neil, a longtime journalist and broadcaster, was arguing whether the government should ban unhealthy food in schools with two elementary-aged girls. Neil asked his guest, Charlotte, whether she knew about the concept of the ‘nanny state.’

Charlotte showed that she knew a lot more than that, suggesting to Neil, “maybe you weren’t educated properly,” leaving the host with only a humbled response, “Many people have said that.”

Charlotte and fellow 10-year-old guest Henrietta came to the show quite prepared and well-spoken, and video of their television appearance is quickly making the rounds on news outlets and social media.

No doubt Mr. Neil won’t be underestimating his guests again any time soon.

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