Loved ones keep KC boy’s memory alive while hoping same tragedy doesn’t strike again

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- As loved ones gathered to remember a young life cut short, they expressed anger that Kansas City hasn`t made a change they say could save other children.

The city said it would put in sidewalks after a car hit and killed 8-year-old Jordan Hale in 2014, near N. Winn Road, and N.E. Bellefontaine.

Just months after Hale was killed, the city announced it had come up with $225,000 for the sidewalks, with construction to begin fall 2014. Neighbors say the project has yet to begin, which has them angry and worried they`ll be more accidents.

Tuesday night, with heavy hearts loved ones of Jordan lifted balloons to the sky in his honor, and shared their favorite memories.

Jordan’s cousin Jesus was also injured by the car that hit Jordan, but is doing okay.

Ever since the accident, people have been saying it would have never happened had there been sidewalks. Tuesday night, just feet from where Jordan was hit, you could see several families making the dangerous trek across the street.

June of 2014, the city said installation of the sidewalks was set to begin in the fall. So far, it hasn`t happened.

"Evidently the childrens' lives here at Walnut Grove don`t matter. They don`t value the lives of the individuals period who need to walk back and forth from the corner store," said Shay Celedon, a relative of Jordan Hale.

“It has to be just another heartache she has to have every year when she comes out here when she drives by to remember her son and she see the conditions are the exact same," said Aubri Thompson, another relative of Jordan’s.

As loved ones keep Jordan`s memory alive, they hope tragedy doesn`t strike again because of inaction from the city. A city spokesman says they`re making good progress and they`ve gotten through the design phase of the project. The goal is to have the sidewalks under construction by late summer.

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