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Mo. Senator Claire McCaskill says we should rush to show united front against terrorism

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Before continuing her college affordability tour in the metro, Senator Claire McCaskill spoke out about Tuesday's attacks in Brussels and said it's important that the United States rush to show a united front against terrorism.

During her address, Senator McCaskill said she believes the United States should provide any kind of assistance it can to its European allies because it's  important to the country's national security.

McCaskill said she would like to see Europe move towards an inter-jurisdictional task force with authority that doesn't stop at borders. She says the attacks happened in a crowded area with a lot of diversity,  including a higher Muslim population than in the United States. According to McCaskill, countries should integrate Muslims into society so they don't become isolated and radicalized.

"Withdrawing from organizations that stand united against terrorism, to me, defies common sense," Senator McCaskill. "We should be rushing to show a united front against terrorism, not to withdraw quivering and have some kind of unrealistic notion that we can do this by building walls."

Senator McCaskill declared the attacks a new kind of warfare because she says the terrorists can be hard to spot, which makes it important to fight with intelligence and common sense.

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