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Overland Park mom relieved to hear her kids weren’t hurt in Brussels attacks

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- An Overland Park mother is relieved to learn her son who lives in Brussels is safe after the attacks on Tuesday. Brandon Ubel is a professional basketball player there who plays for Basic Fit Brussels.

“Thankfully, I got his text message really, really early before we woke up,” said Lynette Ubel, Brandon’s mother. “He let us know that he was okay and that they were all okay before I had even caught the news so I was really glad to have gotten that.”

Ubel’s son, Brandon, lives about 15 minutes from where the attacks happened. Ubel’s daughter, Kayla, also happens to be in Brussels this week with her husband. The two are on a trip there to visit Brandon.

“It was quite a bit of time before I was able to catch them on Skype,” said Ubel.

Ubel said her daughter originally had plans to wake up early and head to a park, but she’s relieved her plans changed because that would have put her in the same area as one of the attacks. She said she is relived both of her children are safe and that Brandon will be able to come home for the summer and spend time with his family. Until then, she plans to have a lot of Skype sessions with him.

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