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KCPD officers help elderly man to doctor’s appointment

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- “They went out of their way to help me,” said 84-year-old Arthur Darrow, who was trying to get to his doctor’s appointment last week and is now thanking local police for going the extra mile to get him there.

Multiple midtown streets were blocked off on March 17 for the St. Patrick’s Day parade. There were barricades blocking all cars from the big crowds, preventing Darrow from getting to a very important appointment.

“It was just frustrating. I was trying to get over to 3947 Broadway, and it was blocked and I couldn't get through,” Darrow said.

He goes to dialysis three times a week. Last Thursday he was unable to get through the large crowds attending the parade.

“He pulled up to the intersection that myself, Officer Phil Travis, and officer Aaron Kohrs were directing traffic in that area, and you could see he that he was obviously upset,” said Officer Michael Vulje with the Kansas City Missouri Police Department.

Darrow pulled up and explained he was trying to get to his appointment, and couldn't walk multiple blocks to get there.

“I get extremely tired, I get worn out very, very fast, I don't have a lot of energy anymore,” Darrow explained. "First Officer Vulje says 'we'll find a way to get you there.'"

Darrow was about to cancel his appointment.

"He said 'park your car there and I’ll watch it,'" added Darrow.

“We then had Captain Daniel Gates and Captain Roy True come over in a four-wheel drive vehicle, and transport him over to the dialysis center,” said Officer Vulje.

On the way, Darrow told Captain Gates his appointment lasts three to four hours.

"He goes, 'if you give me your phone number, I’ll call you, or you call me, and I’ll come by and pick you up and take you back to your car,'" Darrow said. “but did better than that, he came back into the dialysis, walked in there, and says 'if you give me your keys I’ll go get your car and bring it right to you.'"

Darrow said he really appreciated everything, as he has kidney problems and ca't afford to miss these appointments.

“I think that all of us kind of looked at him like we would our own fathers, you know, we'd hope that somebody would go the extra mile to help them out,” said Officer Vulje.

“That was really outstanding. The both of them were really extremely outstanding,” Darrow said.

Darrow said he’s so thankful for all the officers who helped him, and said his health would have suffered if it weren’t for them.

Darrow called the police station to thank the officers, who posted the experience on Facebook.

Darrow said he used to be in law enforcement and is glad to see to see officers still going above and beyond.

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