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Protesters speak out at City Hall against police action at Trump rally

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Protesters at the Donald Trump rally earlier this month told the city's public safety committee Wednesday that police used excessive force, infringing on their right to peacefully assemble.

About 20 people at the meeting spoke out against the way police handled the large downtown gathering.

Many carried signs claiming that police Chief Darryl Forte lied about the alleged threat the protesters posed to public safety.



Those hit with pepper spray police used against the crowd spoke out, and some of those arrested also voiced their anger over police tactics, including April Foster, the woman accused of slapping a police horse. Foster has been charged with a misdemeanor, abuse of a police service animal.

"I'm thankful that today we are not meeting to discuss the serious life threatening injuries or even deaths of one of more peaceful protesters engaged in an act of civil disobedience by trampling or other injury from a police horse," Foster said.

Those speaking out claim Kansas City police are setting a dangerous precedent by denying the free speech rights of peaceful protesters. Some on the committee say they also are concerned by the way police handled the situation and plan to address those concerns with the chief.

The committee also urged the protesters to take their complaints to the board of police commissioners, which has direct oversight of police policies.

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