Joe’s Weather Blog: Easter snow end…BIG warm-up returns (SUN-3/27)

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Well it was a fascinating weather morning around the KC region. Snow/sleet/rain and a mixture of all 3 were issues from 4AM or so through 11AM or so. Things are winding down and the sun will be making a big appearance from the west to the east over the next few hours. Temperatures will eventually recover to near 50°, if not above west of the metro.


Tonight: Clearing skies to clear skies. Cold again with lows around 30°. May have another heavy frost to start Monday AM.

Monday: Sunny and much warmer with highs well into the 60s

Tuesday: High clouds filtering the sunshine but mild with highs near 70°. Windy with south winds of 20-35 MPH.

Wednesday: Warm and more humid with thunderstorm chances during the day/night Highs in the mid 70s. Windy too with gusts to 35 MPH possible. Mostly cloudy skies.


On of the more interesting part of the storm that affected us during the 1st part of Easter Sunday was how the snow/sleet, which quickly turned into slush effected the roads earlier this morning. as I was driving back to work, the water wasn’t draining off the highways in a typical fashion. I believe it was because of the slush that quickly built up before sunrise. As a result my car, at time, felt like a boat plowing through the water on the interstates. I also realized that it would be VERY easy to hydroplane in that situation so I really cut back my speed going up I-35. In many ways the road conditions were more treacherous than IF there would’ve just been snow covered roads. I did notice an accident on the way to work…odds are it was because of this phenomena.

Regardless snow accumulations in KC were somewhat limited although some exposed surfaces may have had 1″ or so. Areas west of Downtown though got more. With reports on the west side of the metro area, from Leavenworth to KCK to western JOCO into Franklin Co of roughly 1-2+ inches. Amounts went up another 1″ or so a bit west of there towards Topeka and western parts of Lawrence down through Osage Co.

The pictures/videos some of you sent in via Twitter (@fox4wx) and also my FB page(Joe Lauria Fox 4 Meteorologist)  were great and thank you for taking the time to send them to me. Here are just a few…

This is from Judy Lanning in Ottawa, KS

Julie cook Gregory sent this in from Eudora, KS

Patti Adams from way down in NE Osage Co sent this one in of the unhappy cows…

Mike Long from NE OP sent this one in…

Look at all the snow in south central KS…not sure of the precise location via Tom Dhooge

Finally some interesting snow outlines on some composite wood decking…via Bob Minor in Prairie Village

Pretty fascinating to watch the snow and rain switch back and forth as it did. Oh and there was even thunder and lightning in the Bonner Springs area with the initial burst of sleet and rain before daybreak around 5:25 or so…very cool too see!

Skies are in the process of clearing out quickly this afternoon as the satellite picture shows…

Notice as well the “tail” of snow that extends behind the clouds through the TX Panhandle area into NE NM. Some impressive snow totals down there overnight!

IF you look very closely it appears that there was some snowcover near the northern most extent of the burn scar (look for the darkest terrain shading) in southern KS and N OK. Hopefully, if nothing else, they got some much needed moisture out of the storm.

Moisture was a good thing for us as well. Between the 2 days almost 1 1/4″ fell at KCI (something that may have gone somewhat unnoticed from these 2 events-the bulk came this morning). So the moisture was a good thing and certainly needed in a somewhat dry last few months around these parts. Here are some 2 day rain totals from the northside 1st…via OP Stormwatch…


Now farther southwards…


Over the next couple of days warmer weather will return as the chilly air mass moves quickly away from the area.

Our next focus is on Wednesday as another storm will be moving into the Plains and a cold front will be moving towards the area. Moisture (higher dew points) will start to come northbound Tuesday. Notice the NAM model really brings in the surface moisture on Wednesday…


Dew points by 4PM Wednesday…IF we get into the 60s that will be a 1st for the late winter/spring for KC

Here is the forecast map for later Wednesday (7PM). Look familiar? Similar at the surface at least from what we went through just a few days ago. Except there may be a bit more surface moisture for the storms to work with. Timing is different though with the better features forecast to be well west of the KC metro area as the sun sets.


There are timing differences though between the various models…so we’ll figure this out more Monday and Tuesday. At least some thunderstorms can be expected, IF the front waits though till later Wednesday night, the severity risk would be greatly diminished in my opinion. SPC is watching the region though broadly.


It does appear another chilly shot of air moves in later in the week…

There are then issues about NEXT weekend and the temperatures especially for Opening night. It’s still too early to say IF we’re going to get into a real chilly for April air mass or if the worst of the air mass may be more directed towards the great Lakes region and we just get a glancing blow. I’m somewhat starting to lean in that direction. Which would mean temperatures near 40° or so during the game with a bit of a breeze making it feel colder. Right now it does look dry though which is very important with that chillier weather. There is still a chance though that we could be between colder air masses and actually see some moderation in temperatures as well with downsloping winds. Again too early to say for sure and that particular part of the forecast won’t really reveal itself till Thursday at least.

That’s it for today…Easter Sunday. Hopefully the Easter Bunny isn’t too mad at me!


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