Great Plains SPCA determines German Shepherd in photo is not Independence man’s missing dog

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Courtesy: Craigs List

Courtesy: Craigs List

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — An Independence man trying to find his lost German Shepherd, who posted a picture and a heartfelt plea on Craigs List, has been assured by Great Plains SPCA that the dog in the photo is not his dog.

FOX 4 spoke to Will, who said he lost his dog Pete in October. He said on the day Pete disappeared, Pete jumped the fence to go looking for Will because normally Pete goes with Will to his job assignments.

Five months later, a friend noticed an ad for a lost German Shepherd on Craigs List and called Will to tell him about it. Will went to the animal shelter, but discovered the dog had just been adopted.

So, Will wrote a letter on Craig’s List, desperately hoping that the family would return his dog.

Unfortunately for Will, Great Plains SPCA determined on Monday that the dog in the photo is not his. Rachel Hodgson with Great Plains SPCA said there were several definitive factors in determining that the dog in the photo was not Will’s beloved Pete.

Every day our team at Great Plains SPCA is helping the Kansas City Metro community with pet adoptions, lost pet reunions, and more. Over the last few days, we have been notified that owners of a missing German Shepherd named Pete believe a dog that was in our care and eventually adopted to a loving family is their dog.

Based on the age difference of the dogs, plus differences in their markings from different photos, we do not believe this is the same dog. Their dog, Pete, is about 18 months old while the dog in our care was aged by veterinarians to be about 6 years old, which is a significant gap in age difference.

The German Shepherd we adopted out was at our Independence Campus for six days before being adopted to a loving family. Our CEO has been in conversation with both the owners of Pete and the owners of the dog we adopted out. We take these cases very seriously as any case of a missing dog is an important one. We hope that the owners can soon find their missing dog Pete.

While it is sad news for Will that Pete has not been found, it still leaves hope that one day the two will one day be reunited.