Norrington Center at Park University undergoing major renovations

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PARKVILLE, Mo. -- Park University is excited to begin a major renovation project. The last Carnegie Library in Missouri is returning to its original building.

The Norrington Center is undergoing a big change. Half of the building was built in 1908 and it's had some major renovations since, but never like this.

The center is transforming into a 21st century library. The academic commons will feature a state-of-the-art multimedia classroom for distance teaching.

There will also be technology work stations, a new gallery, and a coffee shop.

The Carnegie Library moved out the center more than 30 years ago. There were always plans for it to return, and thanks to technology, now is the time.

"We will keep only a few books in the library. The rest of them will be in storage in our underground," Laurie McCormack with Park University said. "When people want them we will go to retrieve them for them. If it wasn't for technology, that would be a ridiculously cumbersome task. But because of technology in because this generation is all about what you can get online and through their different modes of communicating, then books just aren't as necessary."

The building will re-open in May, just in time for students to use it to study for Finals Week.

Find out more about the plans, including naming opportunities for donors as well as designers' renderings of the completed project, at the university website.