While property purchase approved, SMSD still formulating plan for use

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- The Shawnee Mission School District is getting some new property, but what the district will do with it is still being determined.

The district will purchase the old Entercom building in Westwood. There has been talk that the property would be used to house a new Westwood View Elementary School in the future.

There was concern at Monday night’s meeting, even among supporters. One resident said not enough notice was given to the public about the issue, nor potential future plans for that space.

"I would strongly encourage you not to jump off and grant a right of first refusal until the people that are involved in this, people that have a stake in this have the opportunity to understand that that’s on the agenda, have an opportunity to think about what’s on the agenda and have an opportunity to respond,” said Jim Orr.

A district spokesperson says if the district does decide to build a new elementary school on the land, it would require additional funds, such as a bond. It would not be part of a current bond the district is working on.