Barber finishes haircut, watches car get stolen right outside KC shop

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Northeast Kansas City barbershop owner gave a customer a haircut Monday and ended up getting her car stolen. Now, Victoria Tamayo, owner of Victoria's Barbershop, says she feels like she’s a victim of her own generosity.

“I came in and I threw my keys right here like that," Tamayo demonstrated.

Tamayo says she was in a rush, when she came into her Independence Avenue barbershop. She was quickly distracted by a man with unusual request.

“He says ma’am can I use your electricity my phone is dead? I need to get my phone charged, it’s completely dead,” Tamayo recalled.

She reluctantly said yes, pointing him to the outlet next to the desk where she'd thrown her keys. She says at that point he decided he’d get a haircut while his phone charged. He paid and left. Then Tamayo noticed her keys were missing.

“I immediately looked around for my keys and then I remembered, they were on that cabinet on the bottom," she said.

The keys were gone, and seconds later so was her car. She says she ran outside just in time to get a good look at the car thief’s face.

“When I seen it drive off, I thought oh my God, I worked two jobs for that car and now it’s gone, it’s just disappeared right in front of me,” she said.

She went to the business next door to tell them what had happened.

“Victoria describes the guy and I said 'he was in here earlier, trying to charge his phone we wouldn’t let that happen,” Chris Herrera said.

Tamayo called police to report her 2005 Maroon Pontiac Grand Am stolen. A police report lists the surveillance video as being available, but at this point Tamayo and the business say no one has contacted them to view it. But she’s convinced that customer might know something about the whereabouts of her car.

The whole ordeal is making her rethink her 23 years of serving the Northeast Community.

“I’ve been seeing it getting worse and worse here in the Northeast and it kind of makes me want to move more than ever,” she said.

The license plate on the stolen vehicle is WK4-F8B. If you have any information you are asked to contact Kansas City, Missouri Police.