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KCPD officers honored for meritorious conduct in face of danger

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- High honors were awarded Tuesday night for several Kansas City, Mo., police officers who went above and beyond the call of duty.‬‬ That included two officers receiving the department’s highest honor after their brush with a bank robber.‬

Several officers, and at least one civilian were honored for their acts of bravery.‬‬ On January 9, 2015, ‪an already busy downtown Kansas City became a chaotic scene following a bank robbery.‬‬

"I had no idea within 25 seconds of arriving to my job I’d be in a fight for my life,” said KCPD Sergeant Darrin Wilson.

Sgt. Wilson, and Officer Jeremy Gragg were both working off-duty security jobs during the rush hour melee.‬‬ Police say in the process of robbing a bank, the suspect also planted a live bomb, and tried to carjack at least four people at gunpoint.‬

At one point police say the man pointed a gun at the officers, and that’s when Sgt. Wilson and Officer Gragg both shot the man and took him into custody. He survived and later pleaded guilty to several federal charges.

“It’s not a pleasant experience. It really isn’t. It’s not like it is on television . It’s not like it is in the movies. It’s reality and you have to take that home with you,” said Sgt. Wilson.

“At great risk to themselves, they stopped an incredibly dangerous situation that could have been a lot worse than it was,” said Captain Tye Grant.

Sgt. Wilson says while he’s honored to receive the award, dozens more officers who weren’t awarded Tuesday night deserve recognition as well, especially considering the work they do in the community.

Several other officers were honored Tuesday night including those who responded to the Reagan Class shooting, and several officers who rescued two of there own who were pinned down by gunfire last November.‬