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Longfellow Elementary students march to promote equality and social justice

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Students and staff

Longfellow Elementary students, staff, families, and neighbors participated in the “One Race, Human Race” walk to Union Station to promote equality and social justice.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Longfellow Elementary School students, staff, families, and neighbors stepped out to voice their support for unity with a march dubbed “One Race, Human Race” that led from the school to Union Station on Tuesday afternoon.

The One Race, Human Race walk was dedicated to promoting equality and raising awareness for social struggles in Kansas City, and in society as a whole.

A statement from Longfellow Elementary said the march’s goal was to “cultivate empathy, integrity and self-awareness in order to develop students into respectful, honest and generous adults. Longfellow Elementary is focused on walking to raise awareness for various social issues, including social justice, diversity, autism and pride in [Kansas City Public Schools].”

“The importance of sharing our vision with students, parents and the community at large resonates deep within our school’s mission,” Principal Peter Retsos said in a statement. “We believe that in order to change the world, we must develop ourselves first. In turn, we influence the people around us.”

Local community members took notice and shared the march on social media.

Upon arrival at Union Station, students, staff and community members delivered speeches on the importance of the issues of social justice and equality.

Individuals and other organizations that share the mission of the walk were invited to participate.


Students carried signs reading “Social justice for all” and displayed peace signs and symbols to promote autism awareness.


Participants marched form Longfellow Elementary school to Union Station to promote social justice and equality.