Metal detectors expected to speed up entry to The K, keep fans safer

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. --New security changes are coming to Kaufman Stadium this year as the team adds metal detectors that every fan will have to go through  to get into the ballpark.

Royals officials believe that going through full body metal detectors will actually be quicker for fans then the current process of being wanded by security officers, similar to the process at Sprint Center.

As you come up to the gate before the game, you will be asked to take out your keys, phone and wallet and put them in a bucket off to the side. After you walk through the metal detector, you can gather up your belongings and give your ticket to the staff before heading inside.

The tougher security measures are a result of the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013. After that horrific incident, Major League Baseball told all teams to begin screening fans before games.

Some teams, such as the Phillies and Twins, put in full body metal detectors. Other teams such as the Royals and Cubs used wands until this year.

The Royals know there will be an adjustment for fans, especially those trying to rush in at the last-minute, but they are confident fans will like them better than the current method.

"We actually have a very quick entry time compared to other venues that we are proud of," Director of Guest Experience Anthony Mozzicato said. "This will increase that time even more because you technically aren't stopping if things are going well. What this does is allows guess who are prepared to go through the gates to continue moving without really having to stop unless something is alerting our machine for them to stop."

The next wave of ballpark security might involve biometric screening. The Yankees, Rockies and Giants have put in fingerprint readers for those fans who want to get into the ballpark even quicker. There is no word on if that is in the future for Kaufman Stadium – but the metal detectors will be up and running by Sunday night.