Neglected snakes, lizard and tortoises under vet care at KC Pet Project

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Normal Ball Python

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — KC Pet Project reports that it received seven snakes, one lizard and two tortoises that have been neglected.

Savannah Monitor Lizard

Savannah Monitor Lizard

The animals include:

– 1 Normal Ball Python (3 ft long, see picture)

– 1 Pewter Ball Python

– 3 Carpet Pythons(6+ft long)

– 2 Red Tail Boas (7+ ft)

– 1 Savannah Monitor Lizard (see picture)

– 2 Red-Footed large Tortoises (pictured)

The Savannah Monitor Lizard has burns and sores on her body. KC Pet Project says the shells on the tortoises are starting to collapse due to malnutrition.

The snakes have upper respiratory illness. As with all of these situations, KC Pet Project relies on donations to help pay for the care of these animals. If you want to contribute, click here for the donation link.


Red-Footed large Tortoise