Project Walk giving people with disabilities new outlook on life

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One of every 50 Americans live with paralysis, and though all would like to walk again, expensive rehab and physical therapy is often out of reach.

One victim of spinal cord injury is regaining independence thanks to a group called Project Walk.

Unlike other rehab centers, Project Walk uses cutting edge research to design individual workouts that help victims recover function lost to spinal cord damage.

24-year-old Nick Worth severely injured his spinal cord last August when he was thrown from an all-terrain vehicle. Routines tasks like driving, or simply getting in and out of a vehicle became incredibly challenging.

He said rehab he's been receiving at Project Walk, combined with new technology, have made him confident that he will walk again.

"The overall goal when you go to someplace like Project Walk is to be able to walk again," Worth said. "That’s the big goal in mind, just keep making little progress as you go. Right now it’s working on my core and hips and strengthening them. When something else comes back you keep working down your legs, working at it until you eventually get all the way down is the goal."

Nick realizes he's blessed to be able to pay for his therapy, which is not covered by insurance. He works for his family's business, Worth Harley Davidson. He recognizes there are many other victims who could improve their mobility through Project Walk, but already are saddled with crushing medical bills.

A charity auction Tuesday evening at Boulevard Brewery seeks to help change that. Those who've seen improvements like Nick, say it's important that every injured person get a chance at walking again, regardless of their ability to pay.

You can attend the seventh annual Back to the Brewery dinner and auction by purchasing a pass on the Project Walk website.

Find out more about the organization at the Project Walk website, or the Project Walk KC Facebook page.