Kyle Flack insists his own attorney stop questioning his mom

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OTTAWA, Kan. -- The sentencing phase in the Kyle Flack trial continued on Wednesday, and the defense announced it would not be asking Flack's mother anymore questions at the request of Kyle Flack, convicted of capital murder last week in the 2013 killings of four people.

During this phase in the proceedings, the defense attorney is presenting evidence from therapists who counseled Flack, and from Flack's relatives and friends who love him. The goal is to paint a picture to jurors about his life in order to spare his life.

Flack's conviction of capital murder makes him eligible for the death penalty.

Wednesday morning, Flack's mother was on the stand talking about sexual abuse she suffered by her dad. Flack was upset with the questioning because he didn't want his mother to have to reveal the abuse in front of people.  Flack's attorney requested a recess and the room was cleared. After everyone left, Flack's mother, Tammy McCoy was called back into the courtroom so she and Kyle could talk. When they returned from recess, Flack's attorney said he would not be asking McCoy anymore questions, at the request of Flack.

Much of the testimony Tuesday focused on Flack's mental health. A therapist said he was treated for paranoia and schizophrenia. A psychiatrist said Flack lacks empathy and regard for others, but he has an above average IQ.

Flack, whose birth was the product of rape according to court testimony, grew up with little support and no boundaries.

"The grandmother had a very negative attitude toward him and would repeatedly call him names," psychiatrist William Logan said. "When he was six, his mother's husband at the time engaged in some sexual abuse of him."

Logan testified that Flack had a lot of negative influence in his life, but he can't say to what degree it is related to the murders.

Flack's mother cried during Tuesday's proceedings for quite some time. The mother of Kaylie Bailey, one of the victims, walked over to the other side of the courtroom to console Flack's mother.