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Summer camp teaches students how to program their own app

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Summer is approaching quickly, and while some students will take time to unwind and veg out, others will be searching for ways build their knowledge and skill set.  App camp instructors Caitlyn Hetzel and David Swed visited FOX 4 to explain what students can learn at the Decoding App Camp, and how students will be able to apply what they learn to benefit them in the future.

Here's what your kids will do/take away from camp:

  • We'll spend time helping your kids feel comfortable enough with each other that they won't feel bad about asking questions or being stuck.
  • We'll show kids that programming is a creative and collaborative process.
  • We'll empower kids to explore their own ideas with an innovative teaching model:
    • We use short (15 minute projects)
    • Kids explore that project and extend it with their own ideas (45 minutes on their own)
    • Repeat a few more times.
    • Teams assemble a complex project using the mini projects as building blocks.
  • Kids build their own projects Wednesday afternoon through Friday morning
  • Kids present their own projects Friday afternoon.