Coach says female athletes deserve higher pay

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A day after five professional women soccer players filed a wage discrimination complaint against U.S. Soccer, female athletes in Kansas City are speaking out and say all too often women in athletics are not compensated fairly for their achievements.

Equal treatment is a growing complaint among women in sports. The soccer players say they earn as little as 40 percent of what their male counterparts make, even though they have been much more successful.

Sarah Campbell is the head coach of the Kansas City Majestics, a professional women's basketball team that will begin playing next month at Belton High School.

Campbell says she would like to coach professional basketball for her career, but currently works at a middle school. Campbell adds that too often female American athletes have to take their skills to Europe to earn professional pay on par with men.

“It’s going to take a higher fan base, it’s going to take for the public to give women a chance and come and see them play and understand from a competitive perspective the only difference is the men have an ability to dunk the ball,” Campbell said. “From a creative perspective I think women are the same. Women go to the basket the same, they are equally exciting, they do the same things that the men do in terms of the game itself.”

Financial disparities between men’s and women’s basketball tournaments at the collegiate level are sometimes viewed as unfair. Campbell says when women compete at the same level as men and achieve similar fan bases to support the sport, they deserve to reap the same rewards. Campbell believes only when culture changes and Americans flock to watch women's achievements on the playing field, will equal pay follow.

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