Daughters attend Opening Day with their dad in spirit after a postseason of fulfilled wishes

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- They say their dad would have loved seeing the Royals get their World Series rings, but it wasn't to be.

FOX 4 introduced you to Aaron Peterson last season. Battling stage four cancer, Peterson just wanted to see the Royals win the Fall Classic.

His daughters attended Opening Day with card board cut-outs of their dad. They said he would have gotten a kick out of it, and it made them feel like he was with them for the day.

Even hospice care couldn't keep Peterson away from Kauffman Stadium.

“They were on a roll; he was so excited to watch every game, it gave him something to look forward to because he didn't have a lot to look forward to, he just kept thinking about them, watched every game and just made him really happy,” said Jessica Rhodes.

Using a GoFundMe page, friends and Royals fans raised $800 to send Peterson and his family to a postseason game. He got to attend Game 2 of the American League Division Series.

Then, inspired by the kindness, Academy Sports and Outdoors donated tickets to Peterson and his family, sending them to Game 5, a game the Royals would win to clinch a berth in the American League Championship Series.

FOX 4’s Katie Banks talked to Peterson last year at The K, who was overwhelmed by the kindness of complete strangers.

“It’s heartfelt, knowing that people that do know me, and also people that don’t know me would donate money just to get us out here. That’s really touching,” Peterson told FOX 4.

Rhoades says the Royals kept her dad happy during his final days. Tuesday, with cardboard cut outs in hand, Jessica and her sister Lacey watched the Royals Opening Day game with their dad.

“His dream was to see the Royals make it to the World Series one last time and to see the ring ceremony, but he didn't make it to it, so we brought him,” Rhodes explained.

Jessica says her dad would have loved to have been at the ring ceremony, but she felt his presence with her, and knows he would have had a good laugh at the cardboard cut outs.

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