Stadium vendor turns a double play between gigs with Royals and Mets

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Royals are off until Friday, but one vendor who works out at Kauffman Stadium will be in a ballpark before then. Bob Lee doesn’t only sell beer for the Royals; he also works at Citi Field for the New York Mets.

Lee grew up near Shea Stadium in New York and has worked there all of his adult life. When he moved here to the Kansas City area in 2003 he signed on with the Royals, but decided not to give up his old gig.

“All through the winter I start looking for airfare sales, I’m booked for most of this season already for my flights,” Lee said.

Lee spent Opening Night and Opening Day at The K, he’ll then be at Citi Field for the Mets' home opener Thursday. He plans to work at least 75 games there and 25 or so at Kauffman.

When the teams met in the 2015 World Series, he was one of the few people outside of the players who could say they were working at every game.

“It was an emotional roller coaster both physically and mentally. I found myself rooting for whatever team’s park I was in,” Lee said.

At times the schedule can be exhausting.

"Sometimes I have to look around and figure out where I am,” Lee said.

The work can be grueling, even dangerous.

“Where is it? Occupational hazard, fly balls,” Lee said as a ball landed a row in front of him Tuesday while his back was turned.

But the retired firefighter has no plans to give up either job.

“My summers for 40 some odd years have always been at the ball park, as long as my legs and back hold up I’ll keep doing it. Plus, I’ve got a couple kids in college so I’ll be out here a few more years,” he said.

When baseball season is over, Lee’s schedule is a little less hectic, but you’ll also find him over at Arrowhead working as a vendor for the Chiefs.

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