KC neighbors not shocked by remains investigation after months of suffering through stench

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Human remains were found near 28th and Highland and neighbors weren't necessarily surprised. They say they've been complaining to the city about a foul odor for months but were ignored.

The neighbor FOX 4 talked to was pretty creeped out by all of this and wanted his identity concealed. He told FOX 4 this was his worst fear and something his gut was telling him all along.

"There's still a bunch of trash," he said.

He says this is the best his neighborhood has looked in months. The area of 28th and Highland has become a notorious dump site

"Dumping is bad, to the point where their trunk is full of trash and their looking for an area to dump," he explained.

The man told FOX 4 he's opening a business nearby and tried his hardest to pick up trash wherever he could, but it got out of control. For the past several months, he says he has complained to the city every single day about the trash and a type of smell that's hard to describe.

"The smell was pungent, something was dead," he described.

He says he was relieved when public works showed up last week and started cleaning up the area. When they left he says the smell wasn't gone and trash was still around.

"As soon as I got out of my truck it was like woosh."

Again, he complained and public works showed up Wednesday. This time, they found a human body.

"It's an eerie feeling. Really eerie."

The man says he's hesitant now to pick up the trash and hopes more attention will be paid to his neighborhood.

"As much as they want people to report this stuff, somebody's not following up on almost any of it," he said.

The medical examiner is looking further into how this person died. Public works says it will be looking into the trash complaints.

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