Many outraged after teen involved in fatal crash takes photo smiling near wrecked car

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SARASOTA, Fla. – Many are outraged after a teen who was involved in a fatal crash posted a photo to social media that showed him smiling next to the wrecked car WFTS reported.

According to WFTS, the photo, which shows the vehicle’s passenger smiling while also holding up four fingers on each hand with the caption “RIP Volv,” was posted three days after the fatal crash. The caption of the photo also includes a smiley face emoji with a tear drop above its eye and a semi truck emoji.

The vehicle was involved in a crash that happened along I-75 in Sarasota, Fla., WFTS reports.

According to WFTS’ report, Robert Drewelus was driving a tractor-trailer that was carrying 8,500 gallons of gasoline when he crashed into the back of the teens. The crash caused Drewelus’ truck to run off the road and burst into flames. Drewelus died at the scene.

“I’m enfuriated, I’m disgusted by it,” Robert’s widow, Elsie Nieves-Drewelus told WFTS.  “I am angry cause meanwhile they are posting pictures on social media thinking it’s funny, my husband what was left of him is being cremated.”

WFTS reports that the Florida Highway Patrol later found the wrecked Volvo at an apartment complex. The teens were into custody at another location.

“They took off.  They didn’t have the decency to at least to pull over and call 911,” Nieves-Drewelus told WFTS.

WFTS says they are not releasing the driver or the passenger’s identities because they are both minors. But according to WFTS, the driver faces charges for leaving the scene of a crash involving death and violating his learners permit.

WFTS says they reached out to the teens for a comment, but they never heard back. Then the teen’s Instagram was deactivated and had a disclaimer that it had been hacked.

The Florida Highway Patrol confirmed to WFTS that the pictured teen was the passenger in the vehicle they impounded.

Elsie told WFTS that she will always wonder if her husband’s life could have been saved if the teens hadn’t stopped to take a photo before fleeing the scene.

The cause of the accident has not yet been release, WFTS reports.

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